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Publishing over eighteen editions and reports each year, funds europe has an audited circulation of 10,500 and prepares a number of high level initiatives.

Core values

Launched in 2002, funds europe magazine was set up to address the challenges of cross border fund distribution within Europe. Published ten times per annum, an audited circulation of 7,000, the title was one of the pioneers in addressing an issue that is still key today. Its emphasis was on high quality editorial values, production and a commitment to pushing forward the agenda within the European asset management community. Fast forward eight years to the present and those core values have not changed. The commitment to high editorial and production values remain in place, as does the commitment to the industry, what has changed is the geographical footprint of the publication and corresponding product offerings.

Management buyout

Following a management buyout in 2007, Chalmers and Chesney transformed funds europe into much more than a niche publication focusing solely on fund distribution. Now publishing over eighteen editions and reports each year, funds europe has an audited circulation of 10,500 and is read by over 30,000 industry professionals each month. The publication stands apart as the business strategy publication for the global funds industry. Readership has expanded to pension funds, fund selectors, family offices, consultants, hedge funds, heads of trading and asset servicers. Development has not just been restricted to Europe, 2009 saw the launch of sister publication funds global - serving the MENA, Asia Pacific and Latin American markets. Editions focusing on India and Africa are scheduled for 2011. It is testament to the publishing group that it has managed to maintain this level of growth within such turbulent markets.

New projects

Both are passionate about the development that has taken place so far in 2010 and looking forward to 2011. “We are working on a number of very high level initiatives which we hope will make the industry sit up and take note” says Chesney. These will all be high level content based projects, challenging the industry and creating debate around areas such as benchmarking, transparency, risk management and regulation. funds global magazine has been extremely successful. We are building a new brand in markets such as Asia, Latin America and the Middle East so we need to ensure that we continue developing products that meet these markets individual needs. The level of maturity is obviously very different to Europe, so it’s not just a question of lifting out an existing model and replicating that in new regions. Despite their success, both partners still think they have a huge amount of work to do with funds europe and funds global in terms of their respective developments which will keep them extremely busy well into 2011.

December 17, 2012 10:38:32 AM CET

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