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Jan Seligson, a Finn born in Luxembourg, plays ice-hockey at a very high level. But he alsomanages three companies to which he passes on his heartfelt values.

The captain

His studies in economics finished, Jan had to choose from several attractive options. Finally his father succeeded in convincing him to join in the management of his three companies. This cooperation soon turned into handing over the reins, when Stefan Seligson left for new investments in Helsinki. Jan, who still plays for the Puckers of Luxembourg, sees himself as a captain. His role is that of a leader canalising a team’s energy towards success. The importance is not only to enjoy oneself, but to be good and successful while respecting the rules and the established strategy. The members of the team are given wide freedom to accomplish their mission, but they have to report to the team.

The teams

The group Jan manages consists of three complementary companies. MSE is a traditional carpenter’s with its own ultra modern means of production. It mainly produces doors, windows and cupboards. The second company is the fruit of a unique cooperation in Luxembourg with the famous brand Bulo and clearly stands for first class office furniture and equipment for professionals. The third company is the ideal link between the other two: Espace Concept is specialized in furnishing and fitting surfaces, movable walls up to completion. For Jan managing his teams and projects, on the border between handwork and business, means a competitive environment in which he feels at ease.


When Jan is not working his family becomes the centre of his attention, especially since the arrival of his son. Nevertheless, sport remains of capital importance to him whether as a spectator or actor. He helps establishing strong and above all genuine social links. And it is hardly surprising that his wife is sportive… and competitive.

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www.mse.lu www.bulo.lu www.espaceconcept.lu

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