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This site was created to allow all those familiar with the Grand Duchy to express their feelings for this exceptional country… Send your texts and your photos! (

Last Minute

The first edition of Luxembourg Mon Amour has been published on January 28, 2010, in French. The second edition will be published in January 2011 and will content the testimonies of the persons living, working and studying in Luxembourg.

The reality of Luxembourg

In contrast to the current cliché, the inhabitants of Luxembourg pay tax and are not all bankers… it is nice place to live. Every morning, more than 120.000 persons cross the surrounding borders to come and work here. Luxembourg is a country of human size where people still take the time to get to know each other. The atmosphere resembles that of a large cosmopolitan… village. From the centre of town, France, Belgium, and Germany can be reached in 20 Minutes. Many come ‘for some months,’ but never return due to the high quality of life, especially for families with children. But also the new Philharmonic Hall, the vineyards along the Moselle, and the old city are worth a visit.

The image of Luxembourg

Regularly being likened to a fiscal paradise, Luxembourg in fact is the European leader in the Investment Funds industry. It is indeed a paradise - for entrepreneurship. Skype, for example, is a Luxembourg company. The country attracts specialists on Financing, offers incubation structures for start ups, and is an ideal launch market before new concepts set out to conquer the world. The sole reproach to be made is that Luxembourg has kept a guilty silence in the face of multiple media attacks. But things are changing.

The book

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