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Small packages – big things

Whether it’s Christmas gifts, company committees or the food on our plate, in nearly all situations we have all learned that smaller is – in most cases anyway! – better. That’s never been truer than in the provision of tailor-made investment-fund services. Here in Luxembourg, there is no better example than ADEPA, one of the most exciting, boutique firms in the Grand-Duchy. 

Consolidating for Success in Luxembourg


ADEPA was created in 1980 in Spain, and over 30 years has gained unparalleled expertise in the business. 2006 was a landmark year, with the opening of an office in Luxembourg. In 2010, ADEPA took a big step further by moving the headquarters of the company to the Duchy in response to the remarkable expansion of its fund administration and management company business. In the six years since its establishment in Luxembourg, the company has become a recognized actor by the industry decision makers. But even more importantly, it has taken its place as a worthy competitor with a portfolio of solutions – and an expert team – that is matching the quality and responsiveness of the biggest and most well-known firms.

Starting from Scratch to Develop Solutions Globally

In an uncertain world, moving to Luxembourg allowed the company to renew itself. While it has not lost the valuable experience gained since its creation over 30 years ago, it has now recreated itself into a truly global company in a place where future success is all but guaranteed: ADEPA is certain that Luxembourg offers the right business community and potential for achieving its ambitions. Its multidisciplinary team is eager to serve and focused on developing a new approach to providing fund services. ADEPA is a unique combination of tradition, entrepreneurialism and youth: a true boutique firm in a world of giants.

The Personal Touch

With its size and agility, clients can count on personal service and attention that are rarely found with larger firms. They benefit from close relationships with the experts of the company, but also from its internationalization, as ADEPA brand turns into a true global financial services provider. And while ADEPA is living rapid development and growth, its clients will always be able to trust in it as a partner with an exceptionally personal touch, shaped by integrity and unmatched customer care.

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