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Edith Magyarics




Victor Buck Services



Chief Executive Officer



The interpreter

A comment made by a German teacher could have crushed her dreams. Instead, it had the opposite effect! For more than 25 years, Edith has continued to push her own limits.


Born in Charleroi in May 1968, Edith knew from as young as 8 years old that she would be an interpreter. She wasn’t afraid to make mistakes and focused on the most important thing, namely being understood by the person in front of her. She spoke Hungarian from an early age and eagerly devoured books throughout her time at school. As planned, she began studying English-German translation, then moved on to studying marketing and international commerce at the EPHEC (Practical School of Business), despite the pessimistic predictions of one teacher. Her studies taught her to be open-minded and enabled her to touch on a lot of subjects.


Twenty-eight years

At the end of November 1991, Edith went for her first interview with “The Bank of New York”. When she left 9 years later, her manager showed her the notes from that interview: “she has spirit but is not career-oriented”. Her son was born in 1995. She moved to Luxembourg with her husband and child in August 2000 to join Fleming Asset Management. A life crisis in February 2001 allowed her to find out who her real friends were and lose herself in her work. She became “Head of Client Services” in 2001, moving on to the post of “Head of Transfer Agency” 3 years later, before becoming “Head of Vendor Management for Continental Europe” in 2006. When she left JP Morgan Asset Management Europe, her business card read “Head of Product Delivery and Fund Vendor Management”.

“I rely on my gut feeling”. Following her instincts, Edith agreed to join ING Investment Management in 2010 for an ambitious project. She wasn’t leaving her colleagues nor the company; she was taking on a new challenge. In May 2012, she joined Victor Buck Services for the same reason. “Nicolas and Renaud hired me after a 10-year probation period,” she jokes, referring to the fact that the trio have worked together a lot over the past decade. This has enabled them to learn the things they have in common, i.e. good listening skills, the desire to keep moving and tremendous drive.


New challenges

That same drive enables her to bring new solutions onto the Victor Buck Services global platform, expand on new business lines, new jurisdictions. She believes that Luxembourg has a solid position on the international “arena” and loads of experience with the will to share expertise and knowledge to build the future.




Birthday: 2/05/1968 

Place of birth: Charleroi (Belgium) 

Nationality: Belgian 

Children: 1 

Languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish 



Cities: New York, Budapest, Assise, Florence, Sydney, San Francisco 

Restaurant: The Scheltema in Brussels 

Places: Le Grund, The Masai Mara, La plage de M’Bour, Costa Rica, Kenya, Vietnam 

Books: Lord of the Rings, Ken Follet (Aux Portes de l’éternité, La Chute des Géants, L’Hiver du Monde), Harry Potter 

Music: Dance, Yelawolf, 2Cellos 

Artist: Michael Angelo, “The False Mirror” by Magritte 


• Member of the Board of Seqvoia S.A., •Member of the Board of Fedil ICT,

• Member of the Board of I-HUB

• Member of the Advisory Board of Quadient

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