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Eduard von Kymmel


VP Fund Solutions



Head of VP Fund Solutions / CEO VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) SA

Where there is a will, there is Eduard

Eduard Von Kymmel's approach to life can be beguiling. Having the credentials of a conventional management company CEO, he does not only dream up unconventional solutions, but also the will to execute them.

Unconventionally conventional

Eduard is by definition “conventional”. Being conventional is a vital job specification for people structuring and investing billions of euros and dollars of other people’s savings – the savers wouldn’t want it any other way! And this is what Eduard does as Chief Executive of VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) SA and Head of VP Fund Solutions, VP Bank AG Group. At first glance, it may be di cult to see Eduard as anything but conventional, particularly when he lists a book on basic constitutional law as his favourite reading - bedtime reading that would send most of us to sleep in an instant! But while that choice of book appears to define him as a “rule taker”, his love of another book “The Threepenny Opera (Dreigroschenoper) “and his admiration for those who fight for freedom and fairness redefines him, if not as a “rule breaker”, at least someone who questions the status quo. The question for anyone who meets Eduard is whether his approach is a nod to conventionality or whether his true colours lie closer to the essence of his work at VP Fund Solutions that o ers to be, “Your experienced partner for unconventional solutions”, as the slogan is emblazoned on their website.


Financial architect

Questioning the status quo and seeking an unconventional solution was Eduard’s innovative achievement in uniting two UCITS/ AIFM management companies domiciled in two different countries into one virtual business unit. Eduard saw the project “not only as challenging but also as a pleasant task, from an operational, regulatory and a business-strategic point of view”. Assimilating funds from diverse jurisdictions and creating the financial infrastructure to accommodate them parallels Eduard’s alternative career. Instead of designing financial solutions, he would have been an architect: creatively melding di erent disciplines and embracing untapped traditions of inspiration in the construction of physical, rather than virtual structures. But instead of designing buildings, Eduard has built a career, in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, planning and executing what might be described as “financial designs” in fund management.


There is a way

It is one thing to challenge the conventional; it is another to do some-
thing about it. Quoting again a slogan from the VP Fund Solutions website
Eduard plays the role of “experienced partner” applying what he sees as
his strengths of self-confidence commitment and reliability, to realise his
motto, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. By building on this experience
and these values he seeks to gain the trust of clients and employees who
gives him the scope to propose and execute unconventional solutions. Due
to this approach, VP Fund Solutions was able to increase the assets under administration by 80 percent during the last four years.



Birthday: 13/03/1973

Nationality: German / Luxembourgish

Children: 2

Languages: German, English, French, Luxembourgish

Hobbies: Leisure sports like tennis, ski, MTB, sailing


My favourite

Cities: Luxembourg, Zurich, Frankfurt

Places: Murter, Croatia

Basic Constitutional Law (Grundgesetz) and The Threepenny Opera

A. Wagner, (Frankfurt), Babalu (Otok Karkan), GriMouGi (Echternach)

Music: A-Z, currently David Guetta

Artists: Mara



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