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Experta Luxembourg

Revitalized experienced fiduciary company

Experta Luxembourg CEO Stanislas Bunetel says that after a period of reorganization, the BIL subsidiary is looking to expand  the scope of its Luxembourg structuring solutions to meet the needs of a growing client base both at home and abroad.

What we are…


Fifty years after its establishment as a department of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg and fourteen years after its separation from the bank’s private banking business into a separate company, Experta Luxembourg acting as a global corporate services firm plans to continue the development of its activities to meet the needs of an expanding client base. According to CEO Stanislas Bunetel, as a financial sector professional entity, Experta Luxembourg brings together many of the services provided by a fiduciary (apart from audit), from corporate, tax, accounting, structuring and reporting to governance. He sees opportunities in areas such as regulatory monitoring as well as in the longer term offering fund structuring in other European jurisdictions and beyond.

What we do…


Experta Luxembourg’s clients include foreign private equity houses that choose the Grand Duchy as a base from which to make European investments, and for which the firm administrates investment structures using vehicles such as financial participation companies (SOPARFI), special investment funds (SIF), special limited partnerships (SCSp) or since their introduction in 2016 the Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (RAIF) as well as guidance on related corporate governance, accounting and tax compliance. In such cases its services may also include recruitment of commercial, administrative and managerial staff but also rental of dedicated offices to its private, institutional and corporate clients. “While working with BIL as our shareholder comes as an evidence, we also work with other financial institutions and intermediaries on a daily basis” says Stanislas Bunetel.


Who we are and where we go…


To serve its clients effectively, Experta Luxembourg continues to strengthen its human resources, adding to a team that already numbers around 40 staff in Luxembourg. An important recent development is the appointment of Eric Kata as new Head of Investment Funds Services, who has brought extensive experience and knowledge in the Luxembourg fund industry. The end of year 2016 saw a profound change and numerous new recruitments at all level to improve the company’s ability to service its clients in the best and most effective way. The complexity of the environment in the Grand Duchy and worldwide has already increased, especially from the regulatory point of view. This comes as a rebirth opportunity to adjust our services to local and international regulations but also to set new goals by developing funds and regulated activities. In this and many other ways, Experta Luxembourg is clearly now equipped to meet continued growth demand for its capabilities by adapting new quality standards.


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