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Timothé Fuchs



Fuchs Asset Management S.A.



Chief Executive Officer


Poetry in motion


Timothé Fuchs’s high-octane energy puts him firmly in pole position in the fast-moving world of finance. But the CEO of Fuchs Asset Management S.A. has opened up about a slower, complementary side of his personality that clearly contributes to his skills in wealth & asset management.


Unstoppable momentum 


Even the briefest of encounters with Timothé Fuchs leaves one with the buzzing sensation of having experienced an electric shock. It is not surprising. By his own admission, he is hyperactive and confesses to being impatient. He is clearly a man with momentum, seeing his main quality as “moving forward” and practices what he preaches with his motto: “Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable”. Even his hobby of motor sport seems to prove he is a man in a hurry.


Endless hours


Yet, he is a man of contrasts. There is nothing on earth that demands greater patience than a new-born child, yet Timothé claims his favourite pastime is spending time with his son Paul, who was born last year. Similarly, the job of an airline pilot, that would have been his chosen career had he not selected finance and wealth management, is a job that involves endless hours of tedious, inactivity punctuated by intense and highly stressful activity taking off and landing aeroplanes. What does one make of this impatient man who counts among his favourite restaurants Le crabe marteau in Brest? Afterall, extracting the optimum flesh from a crustacean (as the very name of the restaurant suggests The Crab Hammer) can only be described as the antithesis of fast food and puts the embodiment of patience, the Biblical figure of Job to the test.


A family connection


A “man in full” acknowledges the part played by others in his achievements as well as his ambitions. Timothé recognises his family’s role in his progress and pays tribute to his father as a mentor and guide in providing him with a grounding in finance. Timothé’s vision suggests continuing the impetus and trajectory that has built his expertise and brought him success in setting up Luxembourg-regulated management companies and funds, marketing, communication, distribution and asset management. He says, “I want to keep on building on the same winning trends”. However, in a way that belies his drive for individualistic entrepreneurship, he adds, “without forgetting that we are all human beings and that we can only grow together”. And looking ahead, while he sees the need for the freedom of action that entrepreneurship brings, he limits his personal ambitions within the constraints of family entrepreneurship and the taking into account of the, “common interests to serve clients, partners and employees”.


Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 13/04/1984

  • Place of birth: Luxembourg

  • Nationality: Luxembourgish & French

  • Children: 1

  • Languages: French, English & German

  • Hobbies: Swimming, Nature, MotorSport


My favourite


  • Cities: New York, Luxembourg

  • Restaurants:  Ma Langue Sourit, L’Entrecôte (Geneva), Le Crabe Marteau (Brest), Buddakan (New York)



Director of Fuchs & Associés Finance

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