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SGG Group

Still delivering tailored solutions, 60 years on

SGG Group started life in 1953 in the domiciliation and administration department of Kredietbank in Luxembourg. The company continues to provide clients with tailor-made solutions; though their scale and complexity have changed beyond measure, says Group CEO Serge Krancenblum.

After 60 years, what is the DNA of SGG Group?

It is a combination of two things: entrepreneurship and being a “people business”. Our slogan, “We support your ambitions”, illustrates this perfectly. We constantly keep in mind that our clients are people with very successful and complex businesses. They expect the highest quality from us, and our teams must be able to meet those expectations.

This was already true back in 1953, when SGG was just the tiny domiciliation and administration department of Kredietbank. It was true in 1998 when we became a subsidiary of a leading global audit firm, and later when we operated our management buy-out in 2010; and it is true today, more than ever, with the backing of our new shareholder, Astorg Partners, who will support our global growth ambitions. What has changed, and radically, is the scale and complexity of the corporate and fund services work we do.

How have the needs of your international clients evolved over six decades?

Right from the start, they have always been seeking a reliable partner that delivers made-to-measure solutions. However, the fact that today their businesses are now global makes our task much more complex. Much of our work involves multijurisdictional implementation, so our experts need to keep up-to-date with a vast array of laws, regulations and compliance procedures in countries throughout the world. Typically, a client in 1953 was dealing with one, perhaps two, at most three countries, and the paperwork was a very small fraction of what it is today.

What is your vision for the future of SGG Group?


I have a very clear vision of our business and its future, and I know where I want the company to go. We have two major goals. First, SGG Group must maintain its focus to reinforce its status as an employer of choice. Achieving the significant growth we seek is made possible only by hiring the best talents in our industry. We have a long track record of focusing on keeping the company strong. Today, we benefit from the support of our new major shareholder, Astorg Partners. Our second goal is to stay in sync with our international clients, and not just to keep up with, but to anticipate their ever-changing needs. Traditional organisational approaches no longer meet today’s requirements – instead of just management, success now demands leadership, at every level.​

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