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Luc Courtois



Bonn Steichen & Partners



Founding Partner


Beyond excellence


A founding partner and head of the Investment Management practice at Bonn Steichen & Partners is equally at home in the boardroom and the vineyard.


Straddling town and country


Luc Courtois easily moves from the earthy world of his rural roots to the thrilling world of high finance and investing. This native of the Belgian countryside is simultaneously a cosmopolitan, equally at ease in boardrooms of the largest global financial institutions and in vineyards searching for the best grapes. By experience and education he is comfortable in the worlds of both the concrete and the abstract. That is what makes Luc Courtois successful, a founding partner and Head of the Investment Management practice at Luxembourg’s Bonn Steichen & Partners. At university Luc spent as much time developing businesses as studying attending courses. That did not keep him from earning degrees in both law and international affairs and, most important, graduation with the golden “1%” that garnered him a scholarship at the Georgetown University Law Center. With his LLM in hand Luc Courtois returned to Luxembourg and investing.


Loyal and available


Luc Courtois is more than the sum of his impressive resume: what makes Luc Courtois more than just excellent in his life and his work is his dedication to his family, his friends, and his clients. Family, friends, and clients are his foundations. Notwithstanding his many accomplishments, his greatest achievements are his family and friends, and the deep confidence of his clients. His dedication to his clients, their needs,

their business, is the basis of his success. He places himself in his clients’ shoes, a rare talent. This allows him to produce tailor-made results for them. His legal background serves him well, as do his fertile imagination and his creative instincts: he applies and interprets the law in ways that allow him, and his clients, to find innovative and creative solutions to problems that for others would be intractable.


Living life with gusto


Luc Courtois understands how fleeting life is. Thus he lives every day to the fullest measure. Every moment with family and friends, every moment with clients, is too valuable to squander. He is a passionate traveler, seeking out the wildest countrysides as often as the best vineyards. Winemaking still beckons him but dedication to his clients and his work hold him fast to the world of investment. This open-minded and cosmopolitan man cannot be pigeonholed. His tastes are eclectic and multicultural, a trait that allows him to fit comfortably wherever he is, with whomever he encounters and enthusiastically prepared to meet the challenges of the future.


Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 21/08/1970

  • Place of birth: Bastogne, Belgium

  • Children: 2 

  • Nationality: Belgian

  • Languages: French, English, Italian under construction

  • Hobbies: Outdoors activities, oenology, traveling, diving


My favourite


  • Cities: Siena, Bruges

  • Places: Wildlands

  • Books: Historical

  • Restaurants: Anne-Sophie PIC and Taj Mahal

  • Music: Eclectic

  • Artist: Der Mönch am Meer by Casper
    David Friedrich



Other position

Lecturer at the Institut de Formation Bancaire Luxembourg.

Sitting on various board of directors of investment funds and management companies.

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