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Jean-Noël Lequeue

A taste for change, a step forward

After thirty years of faithful service to the Dexia group, Jean-Noël Lequeue has set up his own internal audit and Compliance Company. At an age when many people’s thoughts are turning to retirement, now in his sixties, this dashing individual is still seeking new horizons.

A new challenge


What makes a man who has reached the pinnacle of professional success with an international group decide to start all over again and launch his own small business? Why not finish your senior management career with a world leader in the banking industry? “A taste for change”, is Jean-Noël Lequeue’s answer. In 2007, this 60-year old Belgian set up ICE, his own internal audit and compliance company, after thirty years working his way up the management ranks at Dexia. Viewing retirement as “a not particularly attractive prospect”, the process of setting up and developing his company has brought Jean-Noël Lequeue his greatest professional satisfaction: “I found starting again on my own an exciting challenge after having enjoyed the comfort of the infrastructure of an international group.” In order to meet the high market demand for his services Jean Noël Lequeue set up a second company in 2011, “The ICE Breakers”, hiring three junior compliance officers for that purpose. Passionate about his business, at the start of 2009, this resident of the Grand Duchy since 1993 was appointed Chairman of the ALCO (Luxembourg Association of Compliance Officers).

Thirty years with the same company


After qualifying as an engineer on completion of long and accomplished studies, Jean-Noël Lequeue started his career in the then emerging field of IT. A path that was to lead him to the world of banking, first to Banque de Bruxelles, where he was responsible for IT projects, then in 1977 to Crédit Communal de Belgique, one of the two banks that founded Dexia in 1996. In the course of three decades with the bank, Jean-Noël Lequeue has worked in many areas, from IT to the Chief Compliance Officer role created for him, not forgetting research, purchasing, marketing, general inspection and the management committee. Three decades motivating teams to build for the future, while constantly adapting to the requirements of the present.

Family time


Today, Jean-Noël Lequeue’s “hands-on” involvement in his new business has brought him new motivation. By no means ready to stop, he is still learning, discovering and pursuing his professional aims in complete independence. The father of two children, and with several grandchildren, he also spends more time with his family.


A new step, a new change


After the sale of his second company to a French group, Jean-Noël Lequeue has regained total independence to work and to express himself freely in director’s mandate and in high level expertise missions.

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