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Jérôme Bloch





CEO and Founder


Finance and media training

Media training has developed quite a reputation after having long been synonymous with crisis management for professionals in finance. An interview with Jérôme Bloch, CEO of 360Crossmedia.

How do you explain the current interest in media training workshops?

This development reflects the maturity of finance professionals in this area. By reading the papers and watching videos on and YouTube, they’ve understood two things: firstly, prevention is better than cure; secondly, controlled communications create value during interviews with journalists, as do presentations on stage, individual interviews and even communications on social networks. When it’s done well, media training helps to resolve all these issues in a holistic way in just a few hours.


“It’s very easy to assess the performance of a speech or an interview.”

What are the key aspects?

In Luxembourg, everyone remembers Luc Frieden wringing his hands in the show Cash Investigation and there are plenty of employees who have been forced to attend meetings where the speaker imagines that he or she is Obama, whilst delivering a speech like Fidel Castro. In both cases, the error comes down to a lack of preparation which results in a lack of risk management. Our workshops start with an assessment for which participants are filmed during an interview. This is a practical way of helping the group to understand the key criteria for success. We then concentrate on three general areas of focus: preparing a message, delivering a verbal and non-verbal message and, lastly, risk management. People often forget that it’s very easy to assess the performance of a speech or an interview: all you need to do is ask people in the audience what they remember!

What type of companies seek out your services?

We work with SMEs and multi-nationals with our “no nonsense” approach. Nobody likes to attend chaotic training given by consultants whose knowledge is exclusively theoretical and who create complexity in a useless way to justify their so-called expertise. On the contrary, our content is prepared and delivered by specialists who have experience in the field and a real track record which makes all the difference. We publish dozens of interviews, magazines and videos every month. Our method is available for free in the book “Illusion of Simplicity” on our website. When combined with our references, this transparent approach helps us to work with clients in the Grand Duchy, Paris, London, Brussels and Dublin.


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